A Day In Haiti

February 11th

Hello Friend,

My name is Mark Evans Dm and I want to say Thank You to all who have participated and continue to participate in the projects that I offer and will continue to offer.

I wanted to give you an excerpt from an email that my friend Doug sent me that I would like to share with you before you proceed.

"On this day in the countryside of Cap Haitian, Haiti the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere life was given to a whole community of people.  Ange Village (Village of Angels) was dedicated.  The generosity of donors to The Caring House Project Foundation brought education, shelter, sanitation, clean water and the possibility of self-sustainability to a large number of children and adults.

Hope was given to many who may have been at the brink of despair; shelter to many who may have been sleeping under cardboard and plastic; clean water and toilets to many who have lived with the illnesses that come from their absence, dignity to many who have never been able to earn themselves a living; and, most importantly, education to as many as 500 children who would surely have been condemned by ignorance to repeat the horrible cycle of poverty that has ensnared their families for many generations.

On this day we were able to witness the possibility of Hope where so much despair exists."

Me Mark Evans DM getting off the plane in Haiti, after a 3 hour flight from Ft. Lauderdale it started at 5 am.

Cap Haitian, Haiti Airport and Customs Check-In

Food For The Poor Executive Director - Angel Aloma (our guide for the day)

Cap Haitian Street Scene

Cap Haitian Street Scene

Cap Haitian Street Scene (notice the Bank)

Cap Haitian Street Scene - open trash/sewage channel (a common sight)

Mark Evans DM in a Cap Haitian dump/swamp (people live there!)

My good Friend Doug Doebler in the swamp (notice the blank look)
We were already overwhelmed and had only been there an hour

A morning Church service in the dump
(notice the armed guard...they were with us all day)

Raised trail into the dump/swamp, along with squatter homes

Homes in the dump/swamp
(and we were told these were the "nice" ones!)

Other homes in the dump
(we were told these people were luck to have roofs)

Typical home sitting on a mud/trash pile
(which is the only way it stays dry)

Mud/Stick house in the swamp

Is there hope for Haiti?
YES, there is...see more photos below...

Girl selling charcoal to survive
(most of Haiti is de-forested due to the production/sale of charcoal by the homeless)

We were treated to a wonderful breakfast with
Frank McKinney and Catholic Arch Bishop Hubert Constant

Ange Village (Village of Angels)
Built by donations from The Caring House Project Foundation & Frank
McKinney's visiting donors - a complete, self-sustaining village like this for 500 people
(and it only costs $400,000 +/- to build and supply)

United Nations armed guards who were at the village for the day

Frank's first look at the completed Ange Village
500 orphans & families from the swamp/dump now occupy this self-sustaining village

Ange Village children singing for us when we arrived

Frank is overwhelmed at the crowd there to meet us and formally dedicate the Village
There were over 600 in attendance on this 90+ degree day.  The woman in the hat and black shirt is Kelli Kennedy with the Associated Press (she was with us for the day).
Her story about our trip is being published in newspapers around the country.

Arch Bishop Hubert Constant leading the dedication service.
The Church helped choose the children & families to live in the
new Village and is part of the support system for the Village.

The lady that donated her family's land to build the Village - she
will continue to live in the Village and oversee it's operations.

Frank McKinney & Caring House Project donors receive a gift from the Village
residents, which was a beautiful painting of the Village.

Frank McKinney and two children cut the ribbon to dedicate the Ange Village

Children are very happy to greet us - many are orphans and used to live in the dump.
Now they have homes, education, food & medical care in Ange Village.

Children lined up to shake our hands and say "mese" (like "merci"),
which is "thank you," in creole this was a very overwhelming feeling going threw the children with there hands out just wanting to touch you.

Mark Evans DM with two Village girls.  I thought of my nieces back home in Ohio when I saw these two little girls running around holding hands.

Egg-laying chickens
Ange Village's goal is to be self-sufficient - eggs from
these chickens will be used for food and will be sold.

Chicken area (eating chickens are being delivered soon).
Goats & other animals as well as a talapia fish farm are also planned.
Food for the Village (and to be sold) create funds to purchase other needed items.

Village meal center to the right & typical home to the left

Ange Village typical home

Doug getting attacked! What fun!  We handed out 800 Beanie Babies!
(the kids went nuts, as you can see!)

Doug Doebler with a big smile after seeing the completed Ange Village.

Happy Children!
Lucky occupants of Ange Village

Here is a great smile that represents that hope I spoke about earlier!

Today is your Day. No more Excuses.

A Partner In Your Success,

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