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Success Stories

Jeremy Blunt
Cudahy, WI


Christine Rupert
Gleason, WI

“Mark Evans stands out as one who has gone through the fire of learning the art of Real Estate Investing, and, now, is so passionately teaching others what he has learned and is cutting our learning curve.  His knowledge-packed Real Estate Investing materials are presented in such a concise manner that one has to only read and DO what is taught. It is direct and easy to follow.”

Helen Bissette
Spring Hope, NC


“I just wanted to thank you for sharing the ideas in your Reverse Real Estate System. Also, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with Nicole and I in Baltimore. From that single meeting, you helped us fix our posture when talking to sellers. Now we only deal with the sellers that NEED to sell not want to sell. We are pre-screening sellers at lightning-speed now. Invariably, that has allowed us to talk to more sellers, which, in turn, allows us to make more offers, which leads to more deals. I look forward to my next meeting where I can view first hand how to automate your system.”

Haydn Hislop
Silver Spring, MD


"What can I say... WOW! You told me this book would change my life, but I was a little skeptical - boy, was I wrong! Once I started reading, I wasn't able to put it down... I started implementing the strategies one by one with ease. It's been three weeks now, and I've earned an additional $7,782.00 in extra income.  Thank you SO much for finding this hidden jewel and offering to me. YOU ROCK!"

Vanessa Estadt
Gahanna, OH



"Thanks again for taking me on and sharing with me everything that you know.  Coming into today, I really didn't feel focused at all.  I'm now really excited to start my first rehab project, and knowing that I have your experience to come to for questions gives me significantly more confidence than before I placed the ad in the paper on Sunday."

Brian Douglas
Dublin, OH



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